‘A Terrible Fate’

‘A Terrible Fate’ is a 16″ x 15″ x 4″ mask inspired by Majora’s Mask, cast in a lightweight resin and painted with cel-vinyls. I added a few elements from the game; for example, the symbols in the center of the forehead are stylized versions of the symbols for ‘night’ and ‘north’ from the game. I was inspired by Oaxacan wood carvings and their saturated colors and intricate patterns.

a terrible fate

Since it took me months to paint just this one mask, I’m producing a handful of blank masks to send to artist friends. I’ll be selling them as part of a Kickstarter later this summer, alongside blank copies of the mask that folks can paint themselves.

I started this project in late February of last year. Here are a few pictures of the process:

paper mache over foil I began with a big mound of crushed foil that was shaped and hot glued to a 12×12″ board. Then I built up a layer of paper mache until it was thick enough to hold the shape on its own.

first layer of air dry clay Then I coated the paper with an air drying clay. Once it was sanded smooth, I removed the foil and board and added details.

mask base eyes mask

I coated the finished clay mask in a few layers of silicone and a plaster mother mold. Then I slush cast it with Featherlight resin from Smooth-On.

I finished it up with some bright cel-vinyls and see-through mesh fabric to hide the wearer’s eyes.



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